Learning From Home

While our students are at home learning, many are coming up with their own unique ways of learning and staying fit.

April 20 - April 24 

Submitted by Jay Condon, Granville Elementary, 6th Grade ELA/SS Teacher

Students in Mr. Condon's 6th Grade Social Studies class have been studying if the Romans and the Chinese interacted during ancient times.  Students read through documents and were guided by Mr. Condon as they went through the unit.  Here is Addison Manwarren's final project and her answer to the questions.

Submitted by Shane Jones, Physical Education Teacher, Granville Elementary

Lily Olsen (Grade 4) and Ella Olsen (Grade 6) help with stacking firewood at home. Stacking wood is a great activity that requires muscular strength and endurance and can be done while still practicing social distancing.

Submitted by Hali Winch, Integrated Co-Teacher, 4th Grade
Lily Olsen, Poetry Scavenger Hunt, Gr. 4

Positive Messages and Lunch Bag Jokes
Subbmitted by Linda Knipes, GES Teaching Assistant, Jessica Sheldon, GES Special Education Teacher, Grades 4 - 6

Mrs. Knipes and Ms. Sheldon partnered with our District Food Service Manager, Joanne Warner, and Alison Getty to ensure that students had positive messages and jokes to brighten their days when they receive a bag lunch from the district.

April 13 - April 17

Submitted by: Mr. Tuttle, Music teacher K-6 Granville CSD

The classroom has changed over the past few weeks but it's not all bad. Many teachers are using creative ways to communicate and reach their students. Mr. Tuttle, a K-6 music teacher in Granville uses an online classroom called google classroom to reach his students. Assignments are posted each week by grade level including videos that Mr. Tuttle has created himself using a program called screencast. One of the latest assignments posted was an open-ended assignment in which students could record themselves playing an instrument or singing a song to reflect material that they have learned in their music classes. It's nice to know that during these times music is still playing a role in our students’ lives. Nala Cain can be seen playing the piano as she practices her notes to the song Twinkle Twinkle Little Star. The google classroom now has a chat feature called google meet where students can meet with the teacher at a specific time. A live feed with the teacher helps teach lessons and assists students with questions about the assignments posted. Mr. Tuttle is responding and collecting assignments posted on the google classroom through his email at btuttle@granvillecsd.org. Anyone without the internet has also received lesson packets through the mail as an alternative assignment for each week. Mr. Tuttle hopes everyone is staying safe and healthy and hopes to see you all soon. 

Virtual Lunch Bunches" with students who want to have lunch with us via video conference! It is not too late to join! If you are interested in joining us, please email Mrs. Culligan at jculligan@granvillecsd.org

During our "Virtual Lunch Bunches" we will talk about how things are going, reconnect with each other, and play games! It will be fun! 

We hope to see you there! We miss you!

Thank you,

GES Counseling Team 

Mrs. Culligan, GES School Psychologist

Mrs. Mitchell, GES School Social Worker

Mr. Healy, GES School Counselor 

Granville Elementary Artwork

Students continue their love of art, and submit assignments to Ms. Dashef electronically through Google Classroom.

Grade 6-Elisha Moffit

Portrait Puzzle Art Game


Virtual National Poetry Month at Granville Elementary

Submitted by: Julia Rooney, AIS Reading Teacher

Virtual National Poetry Month at GES

Happy National Poetry Month. April has been declared National Poetry Month since its inception in 1996 by the National Academy of Poets. 

Why celebrate poetry? You may ask. The short answer to this question is that poetry is an important part of our culture. We have expressed our feelings, honored nature, passed down important lessons, and so much more through the form of poetry.

 As a younger version of myself, I did not often find the charm or sense in poetry. It felt awkward to have to read Shakespeare’s language, with its’ ¨hithers¨ and ¨where for art´s¨. However, as an adult who grew to love our written language, and has been fortunate enough to teach Granville students how to improve their reading skills, poetry has taken on a whole new light. Did you know that having students read poetry can greatly improve their reading fluency and comprehension, not to mention their love for reading? It is true.

Despite the school building being closed, due to Covid-19, students at Granville Elementary School can still celebrate and join in on the fun of National Poetry Month for 2020. The internet is full of resources dedicated to National Poetry Month, celebrated poets, and a plethora of poetry for children. The following websites are just a few resources that Granville Elementary teachers have been encouraging their students to take advantage of during this time, to join in on the fun and learning. Afterall, Covid-19 may have temporarily taken poetry out of our schools, but it will never take away a teacher´s joy of sharing poetry with their students.