Students at GES are taught and retaught the school's positive behavior expectations.

Throughout the day teachers and staff will be teaching and reinforcing with students the three "B" statements;
*  Be Safe
*  Be Kind
*  Be Responsible
Throughout the school day students are recognized for their positive behaviors and rewarded with Be Bucks. Be Bucks can also be earned for positive behavior on the school bus, through good attendance and academic success. Increments of $1 and $5 are given to students. 

The school needs your help to reinforce these positive behavior expectations at home, school and throughout the community. 

With the Be Bucks that have been earned, students can shop on Fridays during their lunch period at the PBIS store or wait and continue to save. 

During the holidays the store is expanded with more items.  The students get excited to be able purchase gift items for family and friends. The PBIS store also offers free gift wrapping services!!

Holiday shopping can be hectic!!

shop  Assisting

Assisting Shoppers!
Shh               Happy Shopper
       Wrapping......? and it's free? Lots of Be Bucks!

wrapping    super
         What's the hold up ladies?    Could it be....NO!....It is the                                                                                                  Superintendent
Parent Vol   hw

PD   PD 2
Look who came to help!!